Members Of LAPD SWAT Team Caught Selling Department Guns

The FBI is investigating whether members of the Los Angeles Police Department’s elite SWAT and Special Investigations Section units violated the law by purchasing large numbers of custom-made handguns and reselling them for profit, according to interviews.

Federal authorities opened the inquiry into the alleged gun sales in recent weeks after LAPD officials alerted them to possible gun violations, multiple sources told The Times.

The move comes after an earlier LAPD investigation found no wrongdoing on the part of officers. But on Friday, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck acknowledged that that probe was “clearly lacking” and said the department has opened a second investigation of the weapons transactions that is still ongoing.


Suspicion over the guns first arose in May 2010, when a lieutenant in the LAPD’s Metropolitan Division, which includes SWAT, attempted to inventory the division’s weapons, according to a whistle-blower lawsuit filed by the lieutenant and a report last year by the LAPD’s inspector general, Alex Bustamante.

While accounting for the weapons, Lt. Armando Perez discovered that SWAT members had purchased an unknown number of pistols from the gun maker Kimber Manufacturing and were “possibly reselling these Kimber firearms for large profits to people outside of Metro SWAT,” according to the lawsuit and Bustamante’s report.

Sales records indicated that as many as 324 pistols had been purchased from Kimber, Bustamante reported. There are only about 60 officers in SWAT, and the guns were intended to be used by the officers while on duty.

Members Of LAPD SWAT Team Caught Selling Department Guns [continued]

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…According to California law all firearms sales, including private and gun show sales, transfers or loans, must be brokered through a licensed California gun dealer. Allegations in a whistleblower lawsuit allege that the guns, valued at up to $3,000 each, were sold to individual SIS Unit members by Kimber for around $600 each, who then sold them at or near retail value to other officers outside of the SIS unit as well as third party individuals that were not law enforcement officers…

Members of LAPD SWAT Team Caught Selling Department Guns [continued]


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  • tionico

    Not surprising. It fits with the mentaliity that since we put on blue britches every morning the law of the land does not apply to us. Time they get a lesson in reality. Kimber, and LAPD, MUST have records of guns, by serial number, sold to LAPD. LAPD SHOULD have records of which officers were issued them. A real time inventory, each officer having to present for inspection each weapon assigned to him, would account for those still there. The missing ones? If no one knows where they went, LAPD are seriously deficient in their requried record keeping. As soon as any one officer is known to have resold/transferred ANY weapon he got through LAPD, he should be charged with two federal level felonies, and a state one as well: lying on the 4473 form, saying gun is for HIM, he is not getting it for someone else. Dealing in firearms for profit without boing licensed to do so. State level felony, transferring firearm to another without a background check and regiatration papwerwork, required under (unconstitutinal) California law. Three felonies per gun transferred.. ….. no more guns for these guys, no more cop job, likely Federal Pen time and fines.

    If LAPD/FBI do anything less, they are derelict in their sworn duty to enforce the law. This is abue of priviledge of the worst order. The enxt shoe to drop will be that one of these guns ends up at a crime scene, a la Fast and Furious and Brian Terry’s murder. Kimber will know in about a New York Minute that THAT gun was first transferred to LAPD.

  • glock 19 fan

    So who got the guns? Good question, eh? There have been some incidents around the country that might give a person nightmares. E.g., a raid on a gun collector in Tulsa by BATF agents and Tulsa police that left both exterior doors swinging on broken hinges and unclosable, gun cabinets smashed and the guns left lying on furniture and the floor. Oh yes: all the magazines were loaded by the raiding party and left lying beside the respective guns. To top it off, there was no attempt to secure the scene — just a note reading “Nothing found. ATF.” E.g., an incident in SouCal where a person with a political agenda was selling semi auto pistols to teen gangbangers for about $25 and SMG’s for about $50. E.g., a case in NJ where an alert evidence room cop saw the same guns coming back in that he had logged before because someone was stealing them and selling them on the street. Then there is “Fast and Furious.” So how many criminals are getting their guns from the government? Already they don’t have to register them (SCOTUS ruled that that is self incrimination).