Marketplace Fairness Act -TAX- is a Government Internet Takeover

The latest dictate from DC to cause public outcry & that demands attention is what Congress is calling the Marketplace Fairness Act, S. 366 (Senate) H.R. 684 (House), and what civil Rights activists are calling the National Internet Tax Mandate, which is going to be brought to the Senate Floor next week, thanks to Campaign for Liberty info

Legislation centered around taxes will always exploit the public’s definition of “fair”, which is most definitely not defined by the delivery of authority to the state to steal from the salary of free individuals and the income and productivity of various businesses online.

This is especially true considering the underlying backbone of the Marketplace Fairness Act, which seems to be that because the Internet was invented, has been developed, and has now evolved into an online market uniquely and somewhat free from government intervention, the government has an obligation and the authority to create & impose a tax on it.

There is nothing “fair” about a sales tax on internet sales, just like there would be nothing fair about a neighborhood gang stealing a higher percentage of your salary or business income because you decided to earn a higher income by utilizing online sales with internet wired through “their” neighborhood.

The “fairness” of this internet tax mandate is only exemplified by the big business sponsors of the legislation, who work with government in a crony-capitalist scheme (not CAPITALISM) to introduce taxes with “fair” tax rates across the board.  What isn’t as transparent as the drool from planner’s and looter’s mouths in anticipation of a new tax, on the internet,  is that these new taxes will bankrupt small business competition by unfairly placing a new tax and legal load on their already shrinking budgets, thus drowning out enough competition from small business against big business for profits large enough to cover the cost of additional lawyers and taxes… and of course, supporting more big government legislation.

According to former Senator Jim DeMint, who is in opposition to tyrannical internet taxes and internet tax legislation,

 “The Marketplace Fairness Act recently introduced in the Senate would require online retailers to collect and pay sales taxes to states where they have no physical presence or democratic recourse., eBay and the like could have to pay sales taxes to any state from which an Internet user placed an order, even if the company’s headquarters, warehouses and sales staff are located entirely in other states” [Source: Wall Street Journal

In addition to the negative economic and job implications of the Marketplace Fairness Act, S. 366 / H.R. 684 have negative legal implications as they are a clear violation of United States Constitution Article 1, Section 8, clause 3, whose purpose was to not deliver the authority to tax and steal from free men and women to government, but to deliver the authority to a government by We the People to prevent state governments from interfering and impeding trade among the free citizens and businesses within the various United States.

Understanding the background of the National Internet Tax Mandate is simply understanding that limitless government will grow without limits.

Quill Corp. Vs North Dakota, a 1992 Supreme Court Ruling, resulted in the ruling that States could not impose taxes on businesses without a physical presence within the respective State. The catch is that the Supreme Court specifically stated that Congress could overrule their ruling with legislation, such as the aforementioned, “Marketplace Fairness” Act

The Internet Tax Freedom Act (INFO) was signed into law in 1998,  and most recently extended in 2007, until 2014, as the Internet Tax Nondiscrimination Act (INFO). This legislation prohibits internet taxes on internet access, usage, or in a discriminatory manner.

The aforementioned legislation does not prohibit a government sales tax on internet sales, which is exactly why this loophole is being exploited in an attempt by certain congressional tyrants and like-minded planners in various industries, under the pseudonym of Marketplace “Fairness” Act.

Imposing a sales tax on internet sales or any other form internet taxes is the government’s way of stamping, and certifying to itself and others, the government controls, owns, and is responsible for the internet.

To overstep its bounds even more, certain branches of the government, like the FCC, have gone as far as to create a “subsidy” from American’s savings to government offices whose mission will be to monopolize your individual connection to the internet so that they may better track, spy, and tax you. That’s right, the FCC has made it transparent that it is in the process of taxing Americans to create a network to track and tax Americans.

Just as additional examples of government overreach on the internet, 

  • Recent NSA whistleblowers claim the NSA has 20 TRILLION records on American Citizens communication, including over the internet conversations and information.
  • “National Security Letters” sent out by government to American journalists illegally silenced and criminalized whistle blowers and journalists who sought to practice their Natural Right to free speech.

And we are supposed to trust a national internet tax mandate, effectively a government takeover of the internet?

If the government truly “needed” more money, and the internet tax was solely being discussed because of a lack of revenue, they could just create more fiat dollars and debt through the Unconstitutional and illegal Federal Reserve, and tax the free individuals who produced and worked for that income, without their knowledge, through the decrease in value of their dollars, also known as, the inflation tax.

And if the government was miraculously cured of its disease-like-nature, and truly aimed to assist and serve the people, while simultaneously & hypocritically engaging in the theft that taxation is,  and was in need of revenue, the answer would not be to raise taxes, so that investment, jobs, expansion, and savings can be sacrificed, but instead, to decrease taxes, so that free individuals and business could generate savings, motivate investment, and expand jobs and the economy, thus, creating more sources (more jobs) of more taxes (taken from more income) from individual citizens.

This increase in wealth would also decrease the amount of revenue the government “needs”, because the market provides better services, more efficiently, and with respect, when compared to government. Reducing “required” revenue will decrease the symptom, higher taxes.

Please do not misconstrue this as me supporting monopolized theft (taxes) in any way, besides my daily payment of them, albeit under duress.

Back to the point, there is no evidence to show that this legislation fixes any problems or prevents any problems, nor does it seem like the legislation really even attempts to address anything. There is absolutely no reason to impose this tax, as if there ever is for any tax. The sales tax on internet sales exists simply to create a government stamp of ownership on the internet-the last beacon of freedom and free-market on earth-that would reduce individual liberty, expand the deep recession further into a depression, and restrict innovation and free exchange of ideas. The government, being the monopoly on force that it is, is attempting to force business owners and individual taxpayers to hand over more of their money to pay for the mistakes and budget failures of government, all the while paying higher inflated prices with weaker dollars, because of rampant Federal Reserve monetary inflation and spending.

This internet tax is a forced bailout of government by the Free American people, at the cry of “fairness” & forced “negotiation”, and I ask you to join me in standing against it, and in demanding your Senators and Representatives do the same.


  • Demand YOUR SENATORS and YOUR CONGRESSMEN oppose S. 366 & related legislation
  • Support the Campaign for Liberty petition to Congress against National Internet Tax Mandate
  • Share informatin on the Marketplace Fairness Act with others so that they may do the same

Ahmed Serag


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  • Johnathon Galt

    You’ve got a typo on the Senate bill number… it should be S.336, not S.366.

    That aside, we need to stop this bill dead in its tracks. When politicians put “fairness” in the bill title, you know it’s NOT! What would be “fair” is to get rid of existing sales taxes, not add more.

    A city, state or country, whose government forcibly taxes its citizens can never call itself free, enlightened or truly civilized. Only when a government obtains its subsistence by voluntary means can it not be called tyrannical.

  • Jim Morrison

    Like most people reading this, I buy a lot of stuff online — and i sell my surplus online too. In my variety of hobbies and household needs, I think I spend about $10,000 a year buying stuff, and maybe gross $2,000 a year — in a good year. My net is usually a loss, and so it’s not reportable to the IRS.

    Two points — although I’m orders of magnitude below the $1M threshold required for paying sales tax, any company selling that much online will see a huge, chilling effect on sales. The MINIMUM hit to their gross sales will be the cost of the tax, as consumers only have fixed discretionary funds. The expected hit? Discretionary or hobby spending will drop catastrophically. I can think of one mega-business that’s almost exclusively funded by hobbyist online and mail-order sales, Fire Mountain Gems, based in Oregon, a sales tax-free state. This law will likely put them out of business and cause a huge spike in unemployment in the small city in which they’re located — I think they’re the city’s second largest employer, right behind Walmart. So this bill WILL cost jobs in America — jobs that exist today, and if I expanded my online sales? Well, if this bill passes, i won’t even think about expanding. So it costs future jobs too.

    Second — one of my many hobbies is electronics, and I buy a lot of my electronics sub-assemblies from China. Why? Because we’ve driven most of the manufacturing jobs overseas (where labor costs 5 cents an hour). Imposing a sales tax on internet sales is only enforceable within our borders — overseas companies are exempt. This bill will drive more internet sales overseas, further harming domestic business, further damaging our appalling balance of trade, and yes — costing more American jobs.

    You might want to write your senators and raise these points, and demand that they oppose this monstrous bill.

    One final point — a few years ago, my wife worked for a high-tech firm that had to implement 50-state sales tax collection (actually 47 states IIRC, as there are a few hold-outs that don’t collect state sales tax). They had sales reps in every state, which minimally fulfilled the “physical presence” requirement. At that time they had to comply with and remit to 6,600 individual taxing agencies. Implementation took months and cost tens of thousands of dollars. And this was for an internet-savvy high-tech company with the right connections to get the implementation done right the first time.

    The cost of compliance was nearly as much as the amount of sales tax they remitted. Think about that — your net profit is reduced by the same amount as the sales tax you pay. Here in Texas it’s 8.25% state sales tax, paid to three different taxing agencies where I live. No small business can take that size of a hit to their bottom line without going under — or without raising prices to cover the expense.

    The net to consumers? Between price increases and new taxes, we can expect to pay 25% more for everything. Everything. We all lose our jobs, and only the government and China benefit.

  • greg scott

    Taxation is theft. Rulers are thieves. Not paying taxes and ignoring the rulers makes everyone more free.