To The Dismay Of Many Liberals, Dianne Feinstein Emerges As Defender Of Spy Agencies

Dianne-FeinsteinTo the dismay of many liberals, the California Democrat has fought to preserve the National Security Agency’s massive data tracking programs.

WASHINGTON — Dianne Feinstein got out of her chair, grabbed a 54-page federal court opinion and poked her finger at the bullet points buried inside, insisting a visitor read each carefully as the busy senator watched and waited.

The opinion described terrorist bombing plots — aimed at New York’s subways and stock exchange and at a newspaper office in Denmark — that, according to the judge, had been foiled by the government’s collection of data on billions of American phone calls.

To many, the findings are in dispute. But not to Feinstein, the San Francisco Democrat who, as chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has emerged as one of the Capitol’s staunchest defenders of the nation’s spy agencies.

“Let me ask you,” she said. “Supposing the program is knocked out and, God forbid, a year down the pike something happens? I’d never forgive myself.”

In more than 40 years in public life, Feinstein, 80, often has zigged as other Democrats zagged. In her unsuccessful run for governor in 1990, for example, she famously departed from liberal orthodoxy of the day to support the death penalty, drawing sustained boos at a state party convention.

But her crusade to preserve the National Security Agency‘s massive tracking programs stands out. Rarely has a senator fought so hard for something that dismays so many of her erstwhile supporters.

To The Dismay Of Many Liberals, Dianne Feinstein Emerges As Defender Of Spy Agencies [continued]


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  • Texas Chris

    Only an idiot would be surprised when a career police state apologist comes out in favor of police state power.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    The federal government’s anti-terrorism juggernaut has a 100% success rate. They have stopped every single one of the terrorist plots that they have initiated, funded and encouraged in the aftermath of 9/11.

    What will it take for the California moonbat voters to see what Feinstein really is and retire her? She obviously doesn’t represent my interests, but she’s not representing the average Californian either. She’s clearly representing big oppressive government, whether it’s her dangerous policy of arming the government while disarming citizens, warrantless wiretapping and spying on US citizens, etc.

    • Shane Stevens

      And then they need to dispose of Nancy Pelosi as well.

  • James

    There is no reason to ever think otherwise, unless the spy agency was ran by Republicans. The Liberal Democrats would support the devil himself, and in fact did in the last election, if he is a democrat.

    We all know that people hang with their kind and this piece of trash has found her level.

  • John Drake

    Feinstein HAS to defend the spy agencies: She and her husband were part of that “Band of Insiders” who were caught making huge profits from their doing insider trading a few years back – and who shortly thereafter changed the rules they were playing by to protect themselves from prosecution – by making it ok for “spouses” to use the information, and allow themselves to use it after a waiting period of either a few days, weeks, months – regardless, it allowed them to continue right on doing it. But everyone was “shocked, I say, shocked” by the allegations – vehemently denied by all parties, of course.

    And now we know from Snowden’s disclosures, that of course, the NSA/FBI/CIA all had the Senators and Congressmen to rights with the fraud with their emails, phone calls, tweets, but didn’t use the data, because once those in power changed the laws, the agencies backed off.

    Got her and the others (who then received huge campaign contributions by the corporations feeding off the security industries) by the short and curlies. Blackmail by any other name is still blackmail, and it’s an “either you support us, or we bust your chops big time.”

    Feinstein and her ilk are such cowards and deserve to be booted out of power at the earliest opportunity.

  • TommyO

    Wake up – Her – Obama – Bush- Cheney are all cut from the the same bolt of cloth….just different ends! Its called FASCISM!

    • rmwayne

      That’s why they all hate the Tea Party. While on stage the neocon Republicans and the communist Democrats pretend to be on opposite sides. But behind closed doors they side together against American patriots like the Tea Party.

  • jollyroger

    Feinstein is a zionist-Bolshevik jew. In other words a communist. The people in her district need to dump this jew bitch .
    This is zionism at work: destruction of the Constitution, Bill of Rights; moral decay, and fiat currency.

  • Shane Stevens

    Let’s see if the Democratic Party in her State censures her like the Republicans have with Lindsey Graham and John McCain.